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Hey there. If you’re looking for a completely normal beauty/fashion and lifestyle blog- you’ve come to the wrong place. It might not always be beautiful, but at least nothing here is gilded.

Thanks to advancements in technology, I can document my troubles under the watchful eyes of  random strangers with Internet access because that’s pretty much the purpose of a blog.

Who needs a diary? 


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The Pet Tag.

I’ve always been a cat lady (I had to delete Snapchat because I had too many cat pics.), but I’ve never properly introduced my pet of almost 3 years. I found the tag here.


  1. What is your pet’s name? Her “Christian name”, as my mom calls it, is Midget, but we all call her Midge or Margaret. 
  2. How did you come up with the name? Does it have any specific significance? My dad came up with it because she’s a very tiny cat. People ask me if she’s a kitten all the time. Midge is short for Margaret. 
  3. How old is your pet? She’s 3. We think. 
  4. When did you get your pet? December 2014. 
  5. What breed is your pet? Tabby. 
  6. How old were you when you got your pet? 16
  7. How did you get your pet? She was wandering around in our yard. It was freezing, so we brought her in. She was either very lost or the neighbors dumped her at our house. Either way, no one came looking for her, so she’s ours. 
  8. What is your pets’ favorite food? She likes chicken flavored cat foods, any kind of lunchmeat, and the pork from fried rice. 
  9. What is your pet’s favorite game? She’s pretty lazy, but she loves mice on a string. She’ll pack them around. 
  10. What is your favorite thing to do together? Curl up with a fuzzy blanket. 
  11. Do you go outdoors? If yes, where is your favorite place to go together? I’ve tried letting her explore outside, but she runs toward the road and hisses at every living creature in existence on her way there. 
  12. What is a bad habit that your pet has? I’ve found her sleeping in the litterbox on occasion. Even after she’s used it. 
  13. What is the best thing about your pet? She tolerates my snuggling. 
  14. What is the naughtiest thing your pet has ever done? She loves to pick fights. She made one of my outdoor cats give me a tennis ball sized bruise on my leg. Midge attacked her, who in turn attacked me. 
  15. What is the funniest memory involving your pet? She likes to sit in the window next to the toilet. Sometimes, you can’t get the lid closed before she decides to use it to help her jump.
  16. What is the best memory involving your pet? Finding her. I was having the absolute worst day in my worst year of high school. It may sound stupid, but she really helped me get through a lot. 
  17. What is the hardest thing about being a pet owner? Pets are expensive, and being there when they die really puts a toll on you. 
  18. What is the most rewarding thing about being a pet owner? The look in your pet’s eyes. She likes living with me. I think. 
  19. Does your pet have a nickname? What is it? Margaret, Buttface, Chub, my dad calls her Mags. 
  20. Have you ever taught your pet any tricks if so, what? Cats don’t learn tricks very well. Midge is pretty good at hunting, and loves to bring me cricket corpses. 90% of my “presents” are decapitated. Don’t know if this is a threat, or if the heads are her favorite. 

Is it Still Called Spring Cleaning if it Occurs in the Fall?

After spending a few hours clearing old posts from this blog and Where Thunder Roars (along with mentally apologizing to anyone who knew me at the ages of 12-15), narrowing the posts down to the more “quality” ones that talked about an important point in my life, or documented something that was important on the blog. To put it in perspective, there are 60 of my posts in the WTR trash, most of which were “stories”. I’m finally done with the “undoing” process, as my AP English teacher called it. I needed a cleanse so badly after the things that have plied up over the years.

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What’s in My Makeup Bag?

Disclaimer: Some of these products aren’t cheap. I like to save and get more expensive products, ask for them as Christmas presents, or get them from my sister’s subscription box if she doesn’t like them. Also, none of these pics are mine. 

My makeup bag is half the size of the one below. It was a really cool thrift store find, and I think I paid $1-$2 for it. My small town has very little knowledge of luxury brands (and their potential knockoffs). I really like it. It’s square, so you can horde tons of things in the corners, there’s a decent amount of space, and a pocket in the top.


I had no idea the tassel came with it, and I’m pretty sure I let the cat eat it. Well, crap.


For primers, I have this one by Covergirl. Mine is for combination skin because my face is oily in some places, normal in others, and then there’s this dry patch? In the summer, I’ll wear a sunscreen made for the face.


Like everyone else, I have the Urban Decay eye primer.


I like to use Tony Moly’s Panda’s Dream brightening eye stick. Because my dark circles are terrible.


Sometimes, if my face is particularly gross, I color correct. I have the NYX palette, and the green and peach colors are almost gone.


I don’t use foundation because it’s heavy and sticky, so I only use this concealer by NARS. My shade is Medium 1/Custard.


I use these tiny confetti sponges. So cute.  They come in different shapes, but I find myself using the red and purple ones the most often.


Most of my brushes are the fluffy pink ones from Wet n Wild. Every brush is under $5, and their packaging boasts a gluten free experience. (Which, I didn’t even know was an issue when it came to brushes. Maybe it’s a huge conspiracy. Who knows?)


I set it all with this NYX translucent powder.


For bronzer I use Benefit’s Hoola. My sister gave it to me because it was too dark for her skintone, and I’ll probably end up getting the full size.


For eyes, I only own neutral pallets because I’m boring. I currently have Urban Decays Naked Basics in my bag, but I’ll switch it out for Tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea vol. II.



I use an eyelash curler even though I feel like this:


The newest thing in my bag is Urban Decay’s Cannonball mascara. My sister and I went to the zoo a couple of weeks ago, and we played in the mist sprinklers in the Rainforest section, then we went back to her apartment and got in the pool. It stayed on through all of this. Ask me after final’s week if it can last through tears.



Last thing is Urban Decay’s (notice a favorite brand) All Nighter setting spray.


That’s it. I am a simple woman. My face is already white and shiny, so I don’t use highlighter, I have thick, coarse, dark hair so I don’t have to fill in my brows, and I developed the nervous habit of biting/chewing/picking at my lips (thanks, high school) so I don’t wear lipstick on a regular basis. If I do, it’s nude to save myself the embarrassment of pics with bright red spots on my teeth. So, like the Junior girls in the musical last year asked: “Do [I] even wear makeup?”



Catching Up.

I haven’t made a post with updates in forever. One where I just ramble about what’s been going on.

  • My dad surprised me with an iPhone a couple of days before graduation. It’s an SE, which is older, but it fits in my tiny hands and takes great pics. My iPod would lose charge so quickly.It was definitely my favorite gift.
  • My cousin got married. They picked the prettiest venue. The sun was in the right position to come through the big windows and surround them with light when they kissed. I wonder if they planned it.
  • I helped my sister move. She lives on the 3rd floor, and her apartment complex has no elevator. The heat index was around 105 that day. It was as bad as it sounds. I got to see her for several weekends to help pack/move/unpack, though. I really enjoyed that.
  • I went to freshman orientation the other day. Every “workshop” was terrible. That’s what I get for starting in a community college. Not as bad as high school where we had to wear matching shirts so we would have a ” sense of togetherness”.  They had a taco bar and forgot the lettuce, though. The woman who came in to talk to us about sexual harassment sucked at her job. She was trying to make examples and euphemisms instead of telling us plainly. I know it’s a sensitive subject that some people find difficult to talk about, but I would rather tell my mom everything I know about sex in complete detail than hear this lady talk again. I wish I was joking.
  • I start college on Thursday. I took enough dual credit classes in high school to get my associate’s degree in a year. I also don’t have Friday classes this semester.
  • I finally got my books and I was given the wrong biology book. I thought I didn’t get two of the books I needed but was charged for as well. No. I had them. They were under the seat of my car. My mom got them while I was at freshman orientation, so I thought they just weren’t handed to her. They’d slid out of the bag she had. The bookstore clerk is going to think I’m an idiot.
  • I haven’t been swimming or to the waterpark at all, which sucks. The closest thing I got was a conversation in a hot tub about God knows what at 2:30 AM  during my prom after party back in April. Then I went and slept on the floor. (My hair and makeup was still in tact through all of this…) I wasn’t drunk, I’d just gotten up at 5AM for a band competition, and I was out till 1AM seeing The Lion King musical at the theater. I’m a wreck without a decent amount of sleep.
  • One of my fillings came out, and now I have to go to the dentist to get it fixed. Not looking forward to drooling for an hour afterword.
  • Kesha was finally able to put out new music. I went to Target the day her album was released and got the special edition version. Every box comes with a large shirt (which is way too big for me), but I’ll find a way to wear it.  I have all of her her albums except for Deconstructed, which sells for $80 on eBay. Getting a CD was a treat because I haven’t gotten one in ages. iTunes gave a handful of the songs Lady Gaga album art. Only on my phone. I don’t know what’s going on either.
  • Most of my summer has been spent in cropped tops, no shoes, finishing the Mass Effect trilogy, and using dry shampoo like it’s part of my religion. Because cold water hurts, and I’m not taking a hot shower in 100+ degree weather.
  • I’m not sure how to end this post, but my past self (the one who made these types of posts all the time) probably would’ve ended it with a Kesha GIF or something. So have this one from 2013. She’s talking about a ghost that haunted her vagina and caused her to “go through a dry spell”. Gives you something to think about.
  • anigif_enhanced-buzz-29900-1381854588-2


In this post, I talk about how excited I was about graduating Jr. High. 4 years later, I’m talking about how relieved I am that a little over 24 hours ago, I graduated High School.


Walking across the (rickety, mildly horrifying) stage extension in low, chunky heels because God forbid I catch a stiletto in the gap between the stage and its extension. I have great legs I’d love to keep them. and getting my diploma was the happiest I’ve been in years. I wish that was a dramatic exaggeration.

The “best” 4 years of my life came with a lot of struggles. I lost a lot of friends, and sadly, I had a majority of them for years, some since grade school. (Yes, the “friend” I was speaking to at the end of this post is on that list, too. I discovered that she is incredibly petty and doesn’t want to grow up.) I said very few words to them at graduation, and I doubt I’ll say very many more in the future. I wasn’t in a good place mentally, either. I spent too many nights at my absolute worst, ugly crying on the bathroom floor at ungodly hours of the night and thinking of doing things to myself that I hope never come up as an option again. (That unintentionally sounds like the “edgy” teenage type…)

I made some really good memories. Going to dances, staying out late, sitting in a hot tub at 2:30 AM, trying not to ruin the hair and makeup your mom paid the salon to do. I did the play/musical every year, and I stayed in Band. I was also an honors graduate, keeping a 3.5 GPA every semester. I wore my medal for hours after the ceremony. I’m grateful for the memories, but I know I won’t miss anything about them.

High School was not a good time in my life, but I’m accepting of  the way it changed me. I don’t think High School should be the “best four years of your life”. It’s also nothing like the movies or TV shows try portraying it. I think it’s a time when you’re supposed to figure things out. I walked into High School a terrified 14 year old girl , and I walked out as a completely different 18 year old. (I’m glad I got to be that 14 year old for a while, though. You have to start somewhere) Am I a bit scared of the future? Absolutely, but I know that I can handle whatever tries to bring me down.

Thinking Back Part II

Before I entered 8th grade, I made a post called “Thinking Back“, where I reminisced on my schooling experience up to 7th grade. Going into my Senior year of High School, I thought I’d continue where I left off.

A lot of people have been in my classes since Freshman year. Some go as far back as Kindergarten, and even PreSchool. I thought we were grown up entering 8th grade, but look at us now: One more year of High School, and we’re ready to start taking on the world as adults. I’ve got so many more memories since the last post.

8th grade: What a way to leave Jr. High. My class was so close, and we did everything together. I learned how to ski as part of my class trip, and we all went to Springfield. I got to be a part in the school’s first year of Honor Band, and I got a perfect score at the state level of Solo and Ensemble. I also made 100% of my volleyball serves over the net. My favorite memory was graduation, of course. I still remember the feeling I had when I walked across the stage to get my diploma, and walked out of the building a Freshman in High School.

Freshman year: I remember feeling so sick my first day of school. I was so anxious, and looking back, it seems so ridiculous. I learned how to play guitar, and I marched in a parade for the first time. I was reluctant to go to Homecoming, but I ended up loving the experience. I also started my run in the plays as stage crew. I met many new people, and a majority of them still have classes with me. This was also the year my Honors Algebra I teacher got arrested. I won’t go into detail, but we still make jokes about it. The summer after, I lost Cookeh, and I still miss her very much.

Sophomore year: Early in the year, I was able to ditch my glasses and start wearing contacts in their place. I also started learning more about makeup, and slowly started leaving my awkward phase. (Sadly, I still haven’t left completely.) However, I had a horrible experience, and nothing seemed to go my way. The musical was torture, partially because the teacher running it was horrible to every student involved in the production, and I kept failing my driver’s license test because the teacher I had sucked. Long story short, I was thankful that it was over, and that I managed to spare my own life.

Junior year: Things started looking up from the year before. This year was full of testing, and I took 3 huge tests not including my semester exams, all in the span of a month. I never want to see a standardized test again. I had a great time in all of my AP classes, and finally started to earn dual credit. I learned how to make my own clothes, and became section leader in the band. I actually got a small speaking part in the play. I had to fight for it like usual, but I had such a good time with the cast (as always), and we got so many compliments at the end of every night. My horrible band director got fired at the end of the year, and we got a wonderful new one over the summer.

We wrote ridiculous scripts and funny presentations, and many inside jokes were formed. A lot of people think High School is full of cliques that never interact with each other. Even though this is partially true, everyone comes together and helps out when it’s needed. I dropped my stupid “Not like other girls” attitude I had when I started this blog, and I started being around different types of people. No “clique” I’ve been around has failed to show me a good time. Not in that sense…

I’m excited for my Senior year. While High School hasn’t treated me too well, I have a feeling this will be my year. I only have a vague idea of what is going to happen, but when graduation comes around, I know I’ll walk across the stage proud of my achievements. I just hope I don’t trip on the way up.

Can You Believe It?

Where Thunder Roars

Four years ago, I made a post that basically said “I can’t believe I’m 13!”. Honestly, this makes me laugh.

Being 13 seemed so grown up to me, like, look at this:

Things I can’t believe:

-That I’m a teenager.

-That I can finally see PG-13 movies without my parents.

-That I can finally do all these amazing things like sign up for Facebook and YouTube now.

And then I turned 17 and can do all of these things my 13 year old self could only daydream about doing. So here, younger self, is a list of things you probably don’t believe either:

  • You’ll be a legal adult next year.
  • You can buy M rated video games by yourself.
  • You can finally rent/watch/buy R rated movies without your parents.
  • You can also drop out of school, but you have freaking goals so you’re staying.
  • You are the Dancing Queen. (If this…

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