Welcome to My Crazy, Beautiful Life!




Hey there. If you’re looking for a completely normal beauty/fashion and lifestyle blog- you’ve come to the wrong place. It might not always be beautiful, but at least nothing here is gilded.

Thanks to advancements in technology, I can document my troubles under the watchful eyes of  random strangers with Internet access because that’s pretty much the purpose of a blog.

Who needs a diary? 


  • Feel free to use the Sharing Circle below to show whatever nonsense I smashed out onto my keyboard to the rest of the Internet. (I honestly don’t know why you’d want to do this, but it’s there if you find enjoyment in distributing my crap to other websites.)

Start scrolling, and enter My Crazy, Beautiful Life. 


One thought on “Welcome to My Crazy, Beautiful Life!

  1. Oh my god I already love you.
    I think you and I would get along very week *creepily taps my fingertips together like that guy from The Simpsons*
    Your sarcasm, the Dan Howell gifs I can’t even
    HUG ME! (not to sound creepy or anything)
    Good luck,

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