Sorry for Party Rockin’

Dang, look at how old this post is. Better put that under a readmore so your eyes don’t burn from my immaturity. -Kat, 2/12/14

I’ve neglected this place for too long. My bad.

-Yesterday, my Science teacher randomly gave us a lecture on universal toilet parts. (Fun, right?)

-Every girl in my class looks at me like I’m a freak when I say that Romeo and Juliet makes me wanna puke. Seriously, what’s up with all the tragical romance and the dying?

-Apparently, the ending of ‘Mockingjay’ was supposed to make you cry. My friend is all like: The ending was so sad because Peeta finally realizes that he loves Katniss again and Bleh, Bleh, Bleh. Whatever, that’s her opinion.
When I finished reading it, I threw it against the wall and said, “Well that was crap.”

-I swear that Cookeh has somesorta cat mental disorder. Today, I got her a ‘laser’ pointer and she tried to eat the red light that shines out the end of it by licking at it.

-This 5th grade girl brought beef jerky to volleyball practice and she was eating it in the corner like some kinda wild animal.
When I went over there to ask for a piece, I thought she was gonna growl at/bite me. The word ‘No’ works, too…

-I randomly walked up to my friend and said:
“You got the stuff?”
This caused me to get that ‘You’re super weird’ look by everyone but my friend, who was dying laughing, because I obviously meant the stuff for our Music project.

Okay, so no one in my crazy, beautiful life is sane. I mean, I’m totally insane myself.

-FoxFace :3