I Have Neglected This Place

Dang, look at how old this post is. Better put that under a readmore so your eyes don’t burn from my immaturity. -Kat, 2/12/14

And I feel bad. I’ve been so busy this month with things like:

•My band’s solo contest. [Which I placed first in]

•State Tesing[Finished Friday]

•Volleyball[Final game tomorrow.]


•My other random responsibilities I have every day, like taking care of Cookeh(Which is my cat, though I’m sure I’ve mentioned her before…).

•And I gotta keep my grades up. I wanna be those 7th grade usher people at the 8th graduation. I know the technical term but I can’t spell it, and autocorrect isn’t helping me. On the up side, today is Pi day! My math teacher goes all out on Pi day. Huge Extra Credit Projects and eating Pies in class are just a few. I’ll make it up to you by making a whole lotta posts (Even if they are just random pictures of Cookeh) this summer. ~FoxFace