That Time of the Year When Summer Seems So Far Away

Dang, look at how old this post is. Better put that under a readmore so your eyes don’t burn from my immaturity. -Kat, 2/12/14

That time of the year is Spring. With less that a month left of school, I really want to get the heck outta there. [My Summer vacation lasts from May to August, instead of June to September like yours might be.]

On, the Subject of School, We’re getting a new student Monday. And whoever thismay be, I don’t think they’ll be like the friend I had who moved away during the school year.

Also, I’m the only girl in my class with straight A’s the whole school year

-Notthatshocking- and have to walk up alone on Awards Night.

Our Greek Mythology Unit is almost over, too. It’s been filled with myths I’ve already heard of, and nothing has been beheaded.

I did learn that there’s a Chair of Forgetfulness, though. Yeah, I said Chair.

We’re performing short plays and I hate my group. I don’t care about Jersey Shore, or your boyfriend; I just wanna rehearse the play I have in my hands. [And No, it’s not about Jersey Shore. Or your boyfriend.]

Basically, these are the only two things they seem to care about.

I guess most girls don’t like to read comics about Greek Mythology on their iPod named Steve. [Most girls also find this weird. They said:’Oh my gosh, why not sign up for Facebook instead?’ And I said: ‘No.’]

What’s going on today?

My sister’s Senior Prom. And it’s nothing like that Disney Movie. Though I did Learn that there are about 50 different kinds of purple, and the 49 I found ‘Weren’t the right shade’.

And I’m jealous of the getaway car car for prom lineup, she and her boyfriend have.