Adventures in Band

Dang, look at how old this post is. Better put that under a readmore so your eyes don’t burn from my immaturity. -Kat, 2/12/14

I only have 3 or 4 weeks left of school! It’s sad, actually, because  it’ll feel so empty withour the class in front of us there. And my sister graduates High School this year.

Friday, I had a band competition. It was fun,(After all that hard work, we got to play at the amusement park we competed in until it closed.)Except the fact I had to get up before 5 in the morning, and tripped in my high heels and ate concrete. I have several  lovely scrapes on my hand. Not taking a picture, it’s super gross and not pleasant to look at. (And in no way infected, It’s just not pretty. )

Carrying Percussion Insturments throughout the park and back, isn’t fun either. My shoulders are pretty sore today. (Sometimes I wish I played the flute or the clarinet instead…) I’m glad I didn’t have to carry them for the whole day, though.

Besides some painful experiences, I had fun. We ate doughnuts on the bus, Someone picked up WiFi from an FBI suravailence(Auto correct says this spelling is right) Van, We rode several rides, randomly scramed ‘Flash Mob!’ and started dancing, and after eating  dinner in Mc Donald’s played in Playland; Where someone stole my plastic knife from my salad(In my defense, I didn’t know their salads came with plastic knives…) and tried keeping people ‘hostage’ up in the top level. There weren’t any little kids, So it’s all good.

Today, my sister had her last concert at the High School. I was sad. And tempted to scream ‘That’s my sister!’ every time her name was mentioned. I restrained myself

I wonder if anybody’ll feel the same way when I graduate 8th Grade next year.


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