Meme Time

Dang, look at how old this post is. Better put that under a readmore so your eyes don’t burn from my immaturity. -Kat, 2/12/14

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Whats your name?


My favorite color combo is

Electric blue and Black

If I could live in another time period it would be

Ancient Rome

If I were a line I would be curvy, crooked, straight, dotted


The animal that best represents me is
A wolf

I would rather live in outer space, in the desert, in a rain forest
Rainforest.  I’ll watch out for the big spiders.

The pattern that best describes my personality is
Leopard Print

 If I could have one wish it would be
For more wishes

If I lived under the ocean I would be
A dolphin

If I could take one thing to a deserted island it would be

Steve the iPod

If I could have one sense it would be

My favorite type of music is

 My favorite character from a book

Effie Trinket

If my life had a title it would be

My Crazy, Beautiful Life

If I could hide one thing about myself it would be
My shyness

My personality is
Shy and quiet

If I could be a fantasy creature I would be
A Goddess

My favorite time of day is

My favorite food is

Beef Jerky

My favorite geographic location is
The Mountains

If I could live in another country it would be

If I were a plant I would be a

If it could be one season all year I would choose

My zodiac sign is

My favorite pastime is
Being With my friends, Reading about Greek mythology, swimming , music

My best talent is
Serving in Volleyball

If I were an insect I would be
A dragonfly

The element I most identify myself with is wind, earth, fire, water

If I could change one thing about myself it would be
My face…

If I could be any age I would be a baby, a child, a teenager, an adult, an elderly person
A teenager

The kind of marks I make when I doodle are
My name in several styles

Mt favorite artist is
Ke$ha and Fefe Dobson

When I make art I like
Pictures of Cookeh

On the weekend I
Spend time with friends and sleep til Noon

My roles in life are
Student, daughter, friend, little sister, and pet owner

 When I was a child I loved
Dinosaurs and Greek Mythology

When I grow up I will be an


I am

Crazy, shy, quiet, a spaz, a Mythology Nerd

The bird I identify myself with is
A hummingbird

The symbol that represents me is
A Lucky cat

My favorite type of weather is

The fairytale character that is most me is
I don’t know…

If I were a king I would

Wish to be called a queen, then rule over the people as fairly as possible

I am looking forward to

I like to decorate things with

Glitter and Animal Print

If I dyed my hair an unnatural color it would be


I like abstractation/realsim/both
Comic Style

If I were an inanimate object I would be
A pillow

My favorite feature is
My eyelashes

I daydream about

I make up fanfiction in my head. [99.9% of it is never written down]


2 thoughts on “Meme Time

  1. I love the choices!
    Whoah! Serving at volleyball!
    Your face is probably awesome! Well, pretty I mean!
    Rainbow hair!
    Fanfictions are fun, but you should write em’ down. Maybe, you shall become famous for your ramblings.

    • Yeah, I’ve been playing since first grade. I served a 98% the 2012 season. Only because I’ve about 7 years of experience. -SChatesbragging-

      Meh. Low Self Esteem.

      Why only have one color when you could have several?

      Yeah, I have great ideas, it’s just the plot I have trouble with. Like, I have this idea: it’s A modern take on the Perseus myth. Where all the characters are in High School. But I can’t follow a plot to save my life. It’s kinda layed out for me, though.

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