Summer 2012 :)

This post is 4+ years old, and it’s under a readmore for a reason. I apologize for anything that makes you cringe. I’m cringing  thinking about what’s below, and now I’m cringing even more thinking of your (completely deserved) reaction. -8/11/17

I’m out of prison school! Monday’s my last day, and all I need to do is get my final report. Really. I grab it, get it signed by my homeroom teacher, and I’m free.

So far I have no summer plans whatsoever. Besides sleep til noon for several days in a row. Meh, my grandma’ll take us all on a family trip. Hotels, Whee.

And summer reading. Ugh. It’s not required by school; It’s required by Mom.


It’s pouring rain here. Step outside and you’re drenched.

Later, I gotta fish Cookeh out from under the bed.  Seriously, She needs to make weird noises under something else.

I painted my fingernails to match my iPod case.

I saw The Avengers Tuesday. It had amazing effects. I saw it in 2D and was like           Whoa *_*. I wanna start reading the comics. Yeah, every girl wants to do that.

No one appreciates it when you start singing the theme from Mission Impossible(If you have no idea, look it up on YouTube) when the power goes out.

Have a great Summer! (:


2 thoughts on “Summer 2012 :)

  1. Reading is fun though c:
    Ah, you have an interesting cat!
    That’s awesome! I would never have the patience to do that! Though, my toes are neon yellow!
    I LOVED THAT MOVIE! I AM SO GOING TO READ THE COMMENTS *high five* Who is your fav avenger? IRON MAN 😀

    • Depends on what your mom picks out for you…

      Cookeh hates thunder, so she hides under my bed and makes squeaky little freaked out noises.

      My toes are leopard print. I found some stick on nail polish strips, and I had some leftover after putting them on my fingernails.

      Probably Captian America. My friend is like ‘He’s old.’ and I was like, ‘Meh, he was frozen for 70 years’

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