Summer So Far.

This post is 4+ years old, and it’s under a readmore for a reason. I apologize for anything that makes you cringe. I’m cringing  thinking about what’s below, and now I’m cringing even more thinking of your (completely deserved) reaction. -8/11/17

Hi, people of WordPress. Hope you’re having a good summer, or surviving exams.

Anyway, It’s summer for me and I’m suprised that my mom hasn’t yelled at me for doing what she calls nothing. She did tell me to read, so I pulled out Steve the iPod and decided to read crappy FanFiction with their stupid ships that aren’t the kind that you sail in.

Yeah, here’s a tip for everyone:

Always pay attention to the rating of the story when browsing other people’s favorite stories on Fanfiction.Net. I made the mistake of clicking on an ‘M’ rated story and reading it. I’m going to be scarred for the next day or two. Gosh, I feel incredibly stupid.

Speaking of FanFiction, I made an account there. I don’t have any stories yet, (There’s no way Reincarnation is going on there) and am kinda nervous about posting. Real criticism, FoxFace.

Ignore the awful Penname, all the good ones were taken.

Let’s get on with Summer:

I’ve gone to my cousin’s graduation, visited my aunt, went to the park with my friends, counted a total of 15 squirrels at the said park, made a FanFiction account, and beat two versions of free Angry Birds.

That’s pretty much it, I’m sorry I wasted your time.

Enjoy my favorite version of Taylor Swift’s Picture to Burn: