District and Stuff

This post is 4+ years old, and it’s under a readmore for a reason. I apologize for anything that makes you cringe. I’m cringing  thinking about what’s below, and now I’m cringing even more thinking of your (completely deserved) reaction. -8/11/17

This contains the story of how my obsession with Portal began.

I’ve really neglected this place, haven’t I? Blame Basketball.


District Band Audition. I had 30 competitors and they were all so good. And then there was me…

You can play your snare drum piece as fast as I can rap Super Bass, and I’m that chick who can’t play dynamics worth a crap. Stop wondering why I didn’t make it.

Oh well, I’m a better musician now. Really, I learned a few new rhythms.

Besides that, I ran around to every section when I finished auditioning, and gave everybody from my band encouragement and good lucks.

On the way home, I sat in the back of the bus Because, Yes Rebecca Black, you should go with the back seat with the other 8th graders, and we listened to my iPod.

Then the only 8th grade guy in the band pulled out his laptop, and is like, “You heard of Portal?” And I told him what little information I knew, which was apparently enough(Maybe it was because I understood the cake joke…? You never know), because he asked my friend and me if we wanted to play.

I was like ‘Heck yeah, show me how!’. But my friend refused. She’s not in to stuff like this, so she took Steve the iPod and listened to Ke$ha.

Well, I thought this game was amazing, and I decided get find out more. *CoughCough*SlightObsession*CoughCough*


I got some Zebra Gum, and everybody wanted a piece, leaving me with less than half the package myself. Not that I don’t mind sharing, but I really wanted the cool tattoos on the wrapper. Plus, it was my flippin’ Zebra Gum, anyway.

Also, we duct taped a sleeping 6th grader to his bus seat. And he, Uh, Got a bit of a makeover, too.

Here’s the moral of the story, children: You never fall asleep in the bus seat alone- Make sure your friend is awake and sitting next to you.

I have a video of this, and whole bunch of random happenings on the bus, on my iPod. You can hear me saying, “I don’t care. It’s not my snare drum,” in the background. XD


Now I’m looking forward to the Solo contest which I won’t fail like this one in the Spring. And I’m not dead. I just have a habit of neglecting this place.