Winter is Coming (An Update on Everything.)

This post is 4+ years old, and it’s under a readmore for a reason. I apologize for anything that makes you cringe. I’m cringing  thinking about what’s below, and now I’m cringing even more thinking of your (completely deserved) reaction. -8/11/17

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting a lot, and I’m also sorry for apologizing for it all the time.

My birthday was great, so was Day of the Doctor. My sister and I were practically holding each other and squeaking throughout the entire show. We loved it.

  • How did you like it, and did you see it in a theater or at home?

My band just got some Christmas music the other day, and now I’m excited about Christmas, even though we just had Thanksgiving. Darn you, festive music.

Anyway, I have to play one of the songs with a girl who flat out admitted she couldn’t read rhythms, even though she played in Grade School.

…We’re playing this:

Send help.
Send help.

I’m not saying this is the hardest song ever, but the fact you’re playing with a girl who is keeps making up crap because she has no freaking idea what she’s doing makes it 80% more difficult. I made a copy of the music and wrote the rhythms on it for her, but we’re definitely not playing the same thing at the same time. I’ll admit I did write myself a reminder that the rhythm I’m playing is now 2e+ instead of 2+a. The 16th notes look almost the same.

We have to march in the parade next week. I’m taping hand warmers all over myself so I won’t freeze to death.

My AP Math grade is a little bit better. The other day I got the first A+ I’ve had in months. They were factor trees. That tells you a lot about me.

I got my schedule for next semester and everything looks great. I’m so excited about guitar. I’m familiar with music and hoping it will be easy to learn.

It’ll definitely be better than Driver’s Ed. We’ve learned just about everything we can in the class so we’re watching my teacher draw words can’t describe how awful pictures as he tells us driving stories. Sometimes we watch the most depressing videos that totally make me want to drive because of how safe it must be or just listen to music and talk.

I’m so glad it’s almost over.

I drove today.

Around my yard.

With my mom.

It sucked.

I also burned the crap out of my hair(and my wrist. Which, unlike the hair, was a complete accident.). It’s wavy, I guess you could say it’s mermaid-ish? The front looks kinda cute; the back not so much. Oh well, It looked decent enough for all the pictures my grandma took at Thanksgiving.

I’m thankful that no one asked me if I had a boyfriend.

Because the answer is still no.

Like the last time you asked.

Life is okay, I guess. There’s a whole bunch of things I’m thankful for, but there’s also a whole bunch of things that really suck.

I try to focus on what’s great, and leave everything that sucks behind, but sometimes that doesn’t work so well.

Hopefully you’re better at it than I am.


5 thoughts on “Winter is Coming (An Update on Everything.)

  1. whoaaaa that music looks tough!! the food thing about playing trombone is you hardly ever get hard parts! i am sure you will get the hang of it!! 😀 dont give up!

    trust me, learning to drive is annoying but once you have your license it is SOOO worth it!!

    awww no!! i am so sorry about your hair and wrist! but i am sure it looks super cute! mermaids rock!! 😀

    boyfriends are overrated! it always seems like boyfriends would be great, but just friends are even more fantastic!! you are smart to bide your time and not rush into anything!! the right guy will come along, and of that i am certain!

    • The toughest part about the piece is playing it with someone that has no idea what she’s doing.

      My mom acted like we were going to drive off a cliff and die. Which is impossible. There aren’t any cliffs for miles.

      It was cute. Until I had to wash it. My wrist has pretty much healed. I should’ve been more careful with the crimper on the highest setting.

      Yeah, my family mainly asks me (and my sister) about it to start conversation. My grandma is the only one who is pushy about the subject: I’m the youngest, the last one to start High School, and pretty much the only one who hasn’t quite figured out what to do with life. I’d much rather surround myself with friends right now, anyway.

      • yikes!! that sounds confusing!

        i totally hear you. moms are ALWAYS like that! you could be a nascar driver or something and im sure any mom would freak!
        ahhhhh eek!!! i dont know anything about styling hair though, so i have the ultimate respect for you!,

        friends are literally the best!! you are 79729%on the right track! and besides, knowing what you want to do with your life in COLLEGE let alone HIGHSCHOOL is super rare! so just keep your head up and dont give up! something will come along!

        • We’re better.
          …I think.

          I could be the safest and best driver ever, and my mom would still freak.

          My sister is usually the one who does hair. It took forever for me to do, but it was worth it.

          My aunt didn’t even know what she wanted to do after college. I have this class called Enrichment for 20 minutes each day, where a group of 14 other Freshmen and I are forced to talk about our futures.

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