This is No Longer Snow, but Half Melted Slush.

This post is 4+ years old, and it’s under a readmore for a reason. I apologize for anything that makes you cringe. I’m cringing  thinking about what’s below, and now I’m cringing even more thinking of your (completely deserved) reaction. -8/11/17

Today, my sister and I took our two border collies out and played in the half melted slush snow.

My dog decided she was going to drag me several feet, then my sister’s dog decided he was going to make her fall on top of me. I was already face down in the snow so this was pretty much an insult to injury.

Eventually, we went inside, drank hot chocolate, and watched some funny videos.

The good news is I have an 86, which is barely a B, in Math. If I get a C my mom is making me take the final.

I didn’t understand the entire semester, does she really think I’ll improve my grade by taking it?

We also finally finished Romeo and Juliet in English. All this crap went down in less than a week.

I displayed dramatic irony so freaking quickly when we read this. It was still a better love story than Twilight, even if the two protagonists didn’t dedicate a lot of time toward getting to know each other.

I’m glad we get to pick seats in that class because sitting near my friends is the only thing keeping my sanity.

Also it’s on the third floor so climbing out the window and running down the street wouldn’t be an option like it is in Math.

…All of the AP classes suck.

I didn’t make it into honor band. Several people signed up and they picked two Freshmen, both of which are my friends.

One of them plays the Baritone Saxophone. Not many people play that. I understand the need for her. 

But the other friend?

I love her to death, but they must’ve been pretty freaking desperate for flutes.  She tilts the thing down so far down I have no idea how she still manages to play it. 

She probably took up all of the ‘Why do you want this experience?’ with how much she loves her stupid spit filled instrument that I have so many negative feelings toward. 

She’s my friend why the heck am I angry? I should be proud and happy for her.  I mean, I acted like it when she told me- I just didn’t feel it. 

Instead, I’m furious and incredibly jealous because they had no need for percussionists, and I really wanted this.

I’m a terrible friend, and can’t believe I typed all of that and decided to let other people read it. I hope she never has to. 

I should sit in the corner and think about how awful I am. 

We have a Christmas concert tomorrow. I hope I don’t fail miserably.

If I do, maybe no one will notice.