Warming Up

I still remember that tumble on the black ice. Our freshman math teacher laughed at her because he used to “guard” the door. Then he got arrested for putting a camera in the girl’s locker room during the last couple weeks of school.

This post is 4+ years old, and it’s under a readmore for a reason. I apologize for anything that makes you cringe. I’m cringing  thinking about what’s below, and now I’m cringing even more thinking of your (completely deserved) reaction. -8/11/17

It’s 50-something outside, and everything is melting. (Hopefully it’ll stay this way for a while.) I hate cold weather, mainly because I’ll freeze in, like 50 degree temperatures, and trying to drive in it is really freaking scary.

We still had some ‘black ice’ on the roads and sidewalks this morning. One of my friends fell on her butt because she decided on running to the freshman doors. Black ice does look a little bit like water from a distance, though.

I tried looking at pictures of beaches and pretty, summery scenery during my lunch hour, and  was promptly upset at the fact that I was locked inside.


Pure beauty, pure agony.

Then, I went and looked at pictures of records, immediately feeling the same way. I was trapped in the cafeteria, peeling the crust off a dry ham sandwich (That I wasted 2 packages of mayo on.), when I’d much rather be looking at slightly used CDs.

Better, but still saddening. I really want to take black and white pictures of Beatles records, and roll around in piles of good music now.

Being locked in a school for 8 hours a day aside, I think the warmer weather has actually put me in a better mood.

That, or I kinda- sorta- I guess- can figure out how to do my math homework. I have an 87, which is a huge improvement compared to the grade I had a month ago.

I watched Katy Perry music videos in Biology after I did a considerable- in my opinion- amount of research for my presentation. It’s first hour, and saving the last 10 minutes for Katy Perry made the morning a little bit better.

I’m excited for Dark Horse, it’s one of my favorites on Prism. It reminds me of my cousin who loves Egyptian-esque things. (I’ll get to see her in a month; I’ll bet she’ll like watching it.)

Not sure if I love the grill she’s wearing, or absolutely hate it…

I’ve been feeling the urge to write lately. My drafts here are filled with unfinished chapters from stories I started(and never finished, of course) a few years ago. I even went and transferred some of the stories from various blogs I’m a part of as well.

Speaking of writing, AP English has to switch teachers with Senior Speech due to some sort of dual credit requirement. This might mean no Writing Wednesdays. I’ll probably find out tomorrow, unless we get a day to get adjusted to the change. We probably won’t. 

Look what I have in my music folder now:


Let’s play “Things I never learned in Jr. High”. I’ll give you a hint: It’s not the rhythms.

I should already know how to count 6/8 time, but like reading notes, my Jr. High band director didn’t bother teaching me. She used to act like it was my fault for not learning.

I have trouble reading notes and playing xylophone music without memorizing it. I’m learning how to do such in Guitar, but it’s still frustrating knowing it’s the only thing I struggle with when playing music.

We finally got a chord chart in Guitar. I can’t bend my fingers properly, and literally have to pick the fingers on my left hand up with my right, placing them on the frets one by one. It’s a slow, painful process.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to play songs like Die Young and Holiday when I get used to playing. I have a long list.

Also, I have 14 followers now?


Not too bad for a blog full of boring, personal BS.