I Will Go Down With This Ship.

In an attempt to educate the Internet about the things that really matter, Kat continues her annual fanfiction discussion. This time, however; she’s changing it up a bit, focusing solely on shipping. Yes, this year she’s talking about taking a luxury cruise.

…If only. 

Since the 60s, fans (You have Star Trek to thank for this) have been writing about their favorite books, movies, games, real life people, or whatever else they happen to fancy.

Sometimes, Fanfiction lets fans fill in empty gaps in a backstory or character.

Other times, however; Fanfiction lets fans fulfill their wildest fantasies.

Some of these fantasies involve shipping.

This type of shipping won’t require the postal service.

I’m not even giving you credit for that guess.

If you think I’m talking about taking you on a luxury cruise, you’ve never been more wrong in your life.

I love yachts. They’re pretty freaking fun, if I do say so myself, but you’re still not getting the point.

This type of shipping doesn’t require a box, or a body of water. Just two (or more than two, I don’t know what you’re in to) characters in a romantic relationship.

Ship is short for (You guessed it) relationship.

Now that you’ve thought of your pairing, why not go a step ahead and make sure you’re armed with plenty of evidence.

“I knew it. I knew they had a mutual friendship,” thought no one ever.

I’m still going with ‘mutual friendship’. Who’s with me?

…Didn’t think so.

Still can’t support your ship with information kindly given to you by the writer(s)? That’s what fanfiction is here for!


Sometimes I look at a Fanfiction archive full of shipping, and wonder to myself: ‘What dark corners of your minds did these ideas come from, little freaks?’.

Not a writer? Draw some fanart. Go on, make a DevaintArt, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram fanpage depicting all the tender moments your pairing supposedly shares.


One of what seems to be thousands. They’re literally all over Dan and Phil’s Instagram posts.

Not good at working social media? Join the club.

Are you good at editing videos, though? Why not make a video with pictures and/or clips set to a trashy pop song like ‘Your Love is My Drug’?

Wow. You’re getting good at this Internet thing. Why not take it to the next level, and pick a favorite ship out of all the ships you’ve happened to acquire thus far.

Decisions, Decisions…







Once you’ve managed to decide, you can now call this special pairing your OTP. What does this acronym stand for?

It took me over an hour and a Google search to figure out that OOTD meant Outfit of the Day. I think we both need a lesson on common internet acronyms. 


The fandom side of Tumblr doing what they do best.

It actually stands for One True Pairing. Think of it as a huge luxury yacht docked in the middle of some canoes. Some of these parings are so, very special to people that they can(and will) attack the moment they’re insulted.

If you hold any value towards your life; You’d listen to Dan’s advice in the GIF above.


Now that you’ve learned a vocabulary word, let’s move on to a postulate.

Rule 34 states:

If it exists, there is porn of it — no exceptions.

Thinking of that obscure paring pulled from the back of your mind? There’s a dirty piece of fanart, or faniction that rival the happenings in porn, or the new Fifty Shades of Grey(Gray?)movie waiting for you to accidentally stumble upon it at 4 AM.

Shipping real people? Really freaking creepy in my opinion.

I’ve seen boyfriends or girlfriends of famous people get death threats because they get in the way of a ship. Please consider real life feelings, and don’t do this to actual, living human beings.

Walk far, far away from their personal lives.

Got the hang of regular shipping? Great. Let’s move on to crackshipping.

You read that correctly the first time. Crackshipping.

Crackshipping is like shipping, but with a pairing that definitely, 100%, would never work out in a real relationship. The author knows this, and takes their chosen characters and writes the most romantic thing possible with them. Beautiful, right?


I wish this were an example of a crackship.

Some people are obsessive. And I mean borderline life-consuming obsessive.


I looked at ‘Phan’ Instagram accounts for this post. Please love me.

Please find non-fandom related hobbies.


Putting people in boxes is the exact opposite of comfort.

You’ve definitely gone off the deep end this time, haven’t you?

That’s okay. Like all good captains, you’ll just end up going down with your ship.