Looking at Old Posts

Remember this thing? Just reading through it makes me cringe. Giving you a little background on it might help both of us understand my intentions, though.

I was in 7th grade, and didn’t fit in anywhere. I was bullied for years, and my friend (who is still my friend as we enter our Junior year in High School) was hanging out with someone who was rude to me. What I didn’t know, was that my friend has this habit of trying to fix people who don’t want to be fixed. I actually ended up being friends with her as well. We were in the same Spanish II class this year.

On to the commentary:

Let me ask you a question? If the style was wearing a trashcan, Would you wear one even if it looks ridiculous?

Okay, some things in fashion are ridiculous. Snapback hats. Please burn them. You’ve got to admit, they’re pretty dang interesting though. Why is this on the runway? As hideous as that was, it was someone’s vision that they made come to life. Pretty cool, right? Now, get in a circle and hold hands. Let us all pray it doesn’t make it into stores regular people shop in.

If you think a trend is ugly, you don’t have to freaking wear it. Simple as that. There are tons of other cute things you could be wearing instead.

If you want to you can put those ugly, chunky fake highlights in your hair. I couldn’t care less. You couldn’t make me if you tried.

Okay, so this statement still applies today. Seriously, real highlights don’t fade to a strange grey color. The sun does this naturally, and a bit of sunshine never hurts anybody. Same with tanning. Please don’t use self-tanning lotion.

An appropriate reaction to fake tanning season.

You call me a freak, and ask what’s wrong with me. I wanna know what’s so bad about being different.

Okay, never call people freaks. They aren’t genetic accidents in a lab, and they definitely aren’t glowing with radiation. If you are, you might want to get that checked out.  Being “different” doesn’t make you the most beautiful and unique creature on the planet. People aren’t made from an assembly line, so we’re all 100% unique. Sometimes I want to lay around and read bad fanfiction or play video games; other times I want to go to the record store with my friends or visit Starbucks with my sister. I can do all this because human beings are allowed to have multiple interests. This is shocking to hear, I know.

You call yourself popular. I call myself SC.

Popular only counts on Homecoming court and Scholarship day. Do you need five scholarships to five different schools? Not really, but the guidance counselor obviously thought you did.

If you love to whip your hair, whip it hard. Who cares what other people think?

Don’t do that, actually. That might give you whiplash, and you really don’t want that. Also, I apparently care what other people think. It’s a thing I do. I sit there, and pick pictures of models apart because I hate the way my body looks. Seriously C cup, why haven’t you entered my life? Edit: Be careful what you wish for. I look in the Victoria’s Secret catalog and think “Wow. She looks good in that swimsuit”, but when I try it on in the store it hits me in all the wrong places. At least I’m leaving the awkward phase. Thanks for hardly anything, puberty.

I know that appearances shouldn’t be the basis of judgement at all, and I’m not going to judge you by how you look if I know you’re taking care of yourself. Self confidence is important, but it’s also freaking hard. (I also believe there is such a thing as too much self confidence. You are not superior to everyone, nor are you the hottest person the world has seen.)

I know I’m only Thirteen, but listen to my advice: Don’t change yourself for anyone. You’re you for a reason, you might not appreciate it now, but I promise you will later.

I’m sixteen now, and I deeply appreciate how much I’ve changed since writing this post. Sometimes, change is for the better. I grew up, and I hope that I continue to do so. I’m probably one of  those “other girls” that I used to hate back then. I wear makeup, go shopping, and have a passionate love for crop tops I have no explanation for. I paid the same price as a regular shirt, but I only got half of one. Why is that so great?   I’m still that same weirdo deep down inside (It’s just more subtle.), however; I’ve definitely mellowed out, and I think that’s great.

The message I want you to get out of that old post is: 

  • You have your own independent thoughts and style. You shouldn’t change your likes and dislikes to fit trends, or to make friends. If you had to change anything to make that friend, your “real self” is most likely not their type.
  • Never, ever change to get yourself a date. Ever. It may have worked in Grease, but this is real life, and it’s only going to end in disappointment.
  • large
  • Don’t hate on ‘other girls’ for liking Pretty Little Liars or Kesha. I wouldn’t walk up to you and trash everything you like.
  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing what you love. Unless you enjoy committing murder.