New York Fashion Week

Thursday marked the beginning of Fashion Week. In New York, of course. (You’d be surprised at the number of Fashion weeks the world has. Every week is Fashion Week somewhere.) As a person who is currently considering a career in the Fashion industry: This is a like a dream without the added freaky, difficult to understand scenarios brought to you by my subconscious.

…Maybe I should think of another phrase.

Here is what I’m finding with a simple Google Image search (With an added bonus of crappy commentary. Yay…) :

The outfit on the right needs to be in my closet. 

Laverne and Kelly (With an adorable Pomeranian) sparkling in sequined outfits.

This was inspired by the 50’s, apparently. It reminds me of my older sister more.

The color and style makes this too pretty for words. Can this be my Homecoming dress?

 Where there’s fashion, Rihanna is not far behind.

I’m not quite sure what this is, but I don’t think it’s serving it’s purpose as a dress. (Nice shoes, though.)

The 70’s vibe is still alive.

A little bit of the 60’s as well.

After a while, I started to get sidetracked by men. Who could blame me, though? 

There are so many well dressed men that it makes me want to buy a plane ticket to New York.  

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“It’s rainin’ men…”

“…Hallelujah, It’s rainin’ men.”

Dang, I don’t know what they’re modelling, but I’m kind of hoping it’s solely that underwear.

With fashion and men like this, it’s sounding like a successful week for the fashion industry.

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