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I need to quit doing these. I feel like I need to correct what my past self has done. Haha. This is the longest post ever.

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This was a tag created by Purva from Pretty Purva.

Starting Line: Choose a couple of pictures which describe who you are:

You’re Running: Is there a special saying whether you made, or someone else had, that makes you feel better no matter what?

I’m not that big into living by inspirational quotes (Occasional quote in my footer aside.), but I’ve hit some low points in life, and telling myself  the over used “Never give up.”, keeps me here.

Looking on the Outside: What is considered the perfect outfit for you?

  • Crop top that only shows a bit of skin when you raise your arms. If not, I’ll pair it with high wasted jeans/shorts. Keeps it classy, and hides the bit of fat I can’t seem to get rid of with exercise. 
  • My favorite pair of jeans/shorts that actually look good on my legs.
  • Minimal jewelry. Earrings I hardly ever take out, class ring. (I always have something to tie my hair back with on my wrist. Never hurts to be prepared.)
  • Cute sandals, or boots if it’s cold.
  • Hair that doesn’t need to be brushed constantly to remain smooth.
  • Anything that doesn’t make me look like I’m 14. I try to buy ‘grown up’ looking pieces, for this reason. This usually doesn’t work, as I’m called “sweetie” or “honey” wherever I go. It better be worth it when I’m old.

Almost There!: What is your favorite animal and why?

Cats. I prefer small, furry animals over anything, and cats are very relaxed.

Finish Line: Where would you love to go for a month?

Somewhere in Spain, maybe Madrid.  Which could happen next Summer with my Spanish teacher if I happen to scrape up about $4,000. Yeah, right.   I might study abroad in college for an intersession. Who knows?

Other post here. My old answers are struck through.

Originally from: Peacelovecheesecake.wordpress.com (This site is now deleted, sadly.)

Whats your name?


My favorite color combo is

Electric blue and Black  Deep red and black.

If I could live in another time period it would be

Ancient Rome Sometime between the 50s and the 70s.

If I were a line I would be curvy, crooked, straight, dotted


The animal that best represents me is
A wolf A fox, actually.

I would rather live in outer space, in the desert, in a rain forest
Rainforest.  I’ll watch out for the big spiders.  Rainforest. Though how cool would space be?

The pattern that best describes my personality is
Leopard Print I want to say floral print, but we all know the only thing I have in common with it is that everyone wants it out of their house.

If I could have one wish it would be
For more wishes Yeah, still more wishes. Then I’d go out and get whatever my family/I wanted.

If I lived under the ocean I would be
A dolphin

If I could take one thing to a deserted island it would be

Steve the iPod A boat so I could leave. You did say anything.

If I could have one sense it would be
Hearing  Either hearing or sight. Kind of partial to both…

My favorite type of music is

My favorite character from a book

Effie Trinket Don’t know this one now. Haven’t read a book where I’ve had a favorite character in a long time.

If my life had a title it would be

My Crazy, Beautiful Life The Rewards of Persistence.

If I could hide one thing about myself it would be
My shyness If my thoughts had more of a filter between my brain and my mouth, that would be pretty great.

My personality is
Shy and quiet Catty, annoying, and shy.

If I could be a fantasy creature I would be
A Goddess A mermaid, or yeah, a goddess.

My favorite time of day is
Night  Afternoon.

My favorite food is

Beef Jerky Dark chocolate covered fruit.

My favorite geographic location is
The Mountains  The ocean/beach.

If I could live in another country it would be
Canada  Spain or Puerto Rico. Canada, really?

If I were a plant I would be a
Tree Rose bush.

If it could be one season all year I would choose
Summer Spring

My zodiac sign is

My favorite pastime is
Being With my friends, Reading about Greek mythology, swimming , music Playing music, going shopping, taking pictures, watching old movies, and playing video games.

My best talent is
Serving in Volleyball I have absolutely no idea, honestly.

If I were an insect I would be
A dragonfly A butterfly.

The element I most identify myself with is wind, earth, fire, water
Water Fire is closer personality-wise.

If I could change one thing about myself it would be
My face… Face is still relevant, but where are the curves? Why am I still a stick with no boobs? (I see freshmen with better shape, and as an upperclassman- It kills me.)

If I could be any age I would be a baby, a child, a teenager, an adult, an elderly person
A teenager. An adult.

The kind of marks I make when I doodle are
My name in several styles Usually, it’s sarcastic comments alongside my notes.

My favorite artist is
Ke$ha and Fefe Dobson Still Kesha, and a long list of others. Fefe was supposed to put out a new album a year or two ago, and it hasn’t happened yet.

When I make art I like
Pictures of Cookeh I like photography and painting.

On the weekend I
Spend time with friends and sleep til Noon Sleep in and go shopping, then finish homework in a panic on Sunday night.

My roles in life are
Student, daughter, friend, little sister, and pet owner  Student, daughter, sister, friend, confidant, and I can’t think of a word that describes “Has to fix everything you screw up”, but I’m that, too.

When I was a child I loved
Dinosaurs and Greek Mythology Still relevant, but also Disney Cartoons. I freaking lived for those.

When I grow up I will be an

Actress Scary thoughts, I’m almost grown up. I really don’t know at this point. I know I’m going to major in the Arts, and that’s all I need to know until Senior year. Fashion design, maybe?

I am

Crazy, shy, quiet, a spaz, a Mythology Nerd Shy, Catty, Annoying, and Weird. Wish I could put “classy” in place of “weird”, but who am I kidding?

The bird I identify myself with is
A hummingbird Still hummingbird. Put a bunch of those little creatures together, and they turn vicious.

The symbol that represents me is
A Lucky cat

My favorite type of weather is
Rainy Still like rainy weather, but not when it’s cold.

The fairytale character that is most me is
I don’t know…

If I were a king I would

Wish to be called a queen, then rule over the people as fairly as possible As a woman, I’m a queen, and everyone would get fair treatment so no one could complain about inequality. Payment would be based on hard work and effort, therefore; people who want other people to do their work for them while they do nothing will be weeded out, resulting in a kingdom full of honest, hardworking people who don’t whine about everything. The opposite of Tumblr, basically… 

I am looking forward to
Summer My birthday is in a month. Homecoming was last week.

I like to decorate things with

Glitter and Animal Print Pictures I’ve taken, magazine clippings, posters.

If I dyed my hair an unnatural color it would be

Rainbow! Can I just dye it a darker brown instead? Unnatural colors usually require bleach and maintenance, and I’d rather have care-free 70s style hair.

I like abstractation/realsim/both
Comic Style It depends on how it’s drawn.

If I were an inanimate object I would be
A pillow  Not sure. Probably a little trinket of mine that I horde on my dresser. I have a unicorn salt shaker from the 80s

My favorite feature is
My eyelashes My eyes.

I daydream about

I make up fanfiction in my head. [99.9% of it is never written down] Being more adventurous, having more fun. The “fanfiction in my head” is still relevant when I’m way past bored.