My Hips Are the Only Things That Haven’t Lied.

I haven’t been completely honest with you. Yes, the stories described to you in (sometimes horrible) detail are true, sometimes exaggerated, but true nonetheless.

My parents didn’t know I had this blog for a while, so I didn’t use my real name. It was for protection at first, to make sure no one on the internet could find me in real life and vice versa, but being the idiot I am, the idiot you now don’t know the name of,  I kept up with the charade. For way too long. I turned 18 on the 9th.

This is not okay. I feel horrible for lying. I haven’t been able to share pictures or my Instagram or Steam accounts with you. I should’ve freaking grown up like the rest of you, and I should’ve stopped being nothing but the screen name years ago.  You have been nothing but kind to me over the years, and I should’ve come clean long before this.

In case you weren’t aware, my name isn’t Kat. It’s not even remotely close. Everything else you’ve been reading is true. Every detail on this blog but this one thing. I thought I was protecting myself by lying, but I ended up leaving a huge piece of myself out of the story I’ve been telling you.

I’m all about being real with people. I tell things like they are, and this contradicts everything that I stand for. I’ll reintroduce myself in a later post, change my screen name, and show you some pictures. I understand if this makes you want to push me away, to never see me again. In the meantime, let me express my deepest apologies for not being 100% honest. I hope to God you accept them.