Catching Up.

I haven’t made a post with updates in forever. One where I just ramble about what’s been going on.

  • My dad surprised me with an iPhone a couple of days before graduation. It’s an SE, which is older, but it fits in my tiny hands and takes great pics. My iPod would lose charge so quickly.It was definitely my favorite gift.
  • My cousin got married. They picked the prettiest venue. The sun was in the right position to come through the big windows and surround them with light when they kissed. I wonder if they planned it.
  • I helped my sister move. She lives on the 3rd floor, and her apartment complex has no elevator. The heat index was around 105 that day. It was as bad as it sounds. I got to see her for several weekends to help pack/move/unpack, though. I really enjoyed that.
  • I went to freshman orientation the other day. Every “workshop” was terrible. That’s what I get for starting in a community college. Not as bad as high school where we had to wear matching shirts so we would have a ” sense of togetherness”.  They had a taco bar and forgot the lettuce, though. The woman who came in to talk to us about sexual harassment sucked at her job. She was trying to make examples and euphemisms instead of telling us plainly. I know it’s a sensitive subject that some people find difficult to talk about, but I would rather tell my mom everything I know about sex in complete detail than hear this lady talk again. I wish I was joking.
  • I start college on Thursday. I took enough dual credit classes in high school to get my associate’s degree in a year. I also don’t have Friday classes this semester.
  • I finally got my books and I was given the wrong biology book. I thought I didn’t get two of the books I needed but was charged for as well. No. I had them. They were under the seat of my car. My mom got them while I was at freshman orientation, so I thought they just weren’t handed to her. They’d slid out of the bag she had. The bookstore clerk is going to think I’m an idiot.
  • I haven’t been swimming or to the waterpark at all, which sucks. The closest thing I got was a conversation in a hot tub about God knows what at 2:30 AM  during my prom after party back in April. Then I went and slept on the floor. (My hair and makeup was still in tact through all of this…) I wasn’t drunk, I’d just gotten up at 5AM for a band competition, and I was out till 1AM seeing The Lion King musical at the theater. I’m a wreck without a decent amount of sleep.
  • One of my fillings came out, and now I have to go to the dentist to get it fixed. Not looking forward to drooling for an hour afterword.
  • Kesha was finally able to put out new music. I went to Target the day her album was released and got the special edition version. Every box comes with a large shirt (which is way too big for me), but I’ll find a way to wear it.  I have all of her her albums except for Deconstructed, which sells for $80 on eBay. Getting a CD was a treat because I haven’t gotten one in ages. iTunes gave a handful of the songs Lady Gaga album art. Only on my phone. I don’t know what’s going on either.
  • Most of my summer has been spent in cropped tops, no shoes, finishing the Mass Effect trilogy, and using dry shampoo like it’s part of my religion. Because cold water hurts, and I’m not taking a hot shower in 100+ degree weather.
  • I’m not sure how to end this post, but my past self (the one who made these types of posts all the time) probably would’ve ended it with a Kesha GIF or something. So have this one from 2013. She’s talking about a ghost that haunted her vagina and caused her to “go through a dry spell”. Gives you something to think about.
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