QueenKathleen: Is 18, and can’t drive worth a crap. She loves to play music, and is interested in theater, fashion, and playing computer games. She’d like to make something of herself when she gets older, but for now; she’ll most likely be Googling internet slang because she took the time to memorize SAT-level words instead. What a waste.

You can’t have a personal blog without easily accessed personal information. 

Let’s go:

  • I’m a percussionist. The kind you might find playing the xylophone with a confused facial expression because no one taught her how to read notes that moved when she first started. We can’t all be prodigies.
  • I also play a little bit of guitar and ukulele.
  • I’m interested in fashion, and like putting outfits together.
  • I love vintage and retro things. I horde little trinkets on my vanity/bookshelf. There isn’t any room for actual beauty products.
  • I have an older sister who currently lives in her own apartment. (My room looks great, but after all of the outfits I constantly borrowed from her were moved out, I can’t say the same for my appearance.)
  • I have two cats who think meowing at my door late at night because they feel scared or lonely is acceptable. I let them sleep in my bed. They’ve learned that I’m the weak one.

Feel free to talk to me whenever you want. I’m here if you ever need me.  





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