I Will Go Down With This Ship.

In an attempt to educate the Internet about the things that really matter, Kat continues her annual fanfiction discussion. This time, however; she’s changing it up a bit, focusing solely on shipping. Yes, this year she’s talking about taking a luxury cruise.

…If only. 

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Billboard Music Awards Fashion Review

I’m on time with this one! Finally. 

I didn’t see all of it, as I just stuck around for the people I wanted to see, but dang all those dresses were gorgeous. These are the ones I saw. 

Prepare yourselves for vague descriptions. Mainly dresses and hair, Justin Timberlake’s very nice face is somewhere in here, though. 

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  • Kesha. (Probably playing favorites as I write this, but come on.)

Dark gray+black lacy accents= Really freaking gorgeous.

Obligatory side view of hair.


It also had a pretty bow on the back!

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  • Shakira, Shakira

A gorgeous color blue with sheer-like sleeves and sides. Her hair also falls beautifully over one of her shoulders. 

From the side.

Here’s one of her performance outfit, her soccer-playing boyfriend/lover (Gerard Pique), and some PDA.

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  • Lorde. I don’t want to be too harsh because she probably spent hours in hair/makeup, and that dress (no matter how ugly) is probably worth more than my entire wardrobe. Underwear and shoes included. 

Dear Lorde. (Pardon the pun.)

Her performance outfit was much better.

Her hair didn’t look wet, nor was she all feathery. Hat was kind of cute. Very good at live singing. 


Not from the show, but I think she’s prettier with her natural hair and very little makeup. She did show me that pale brunettes (much like ourselves) can wear purple lipstick and look okay, though.

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  • Jordin Sparks. 

Little black, sparkly halter-top dress. If this were in my size, I would go steal it. Very cute ponytail with little cornrow-ish braids at the top.


Your view from the side. Cute little orange clutch. 

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  • Nicki Minaj

Built in side view. Pretty sure they had to tape her in the top of her dress, but she looked nice, anyway.

Other side view. Love that bracelet.

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  • Justin Timberlake. (I don’t care if he wasn’t actually there, he has a very nice face.)


“As long as I got my suit and tie.” (And a very attractive face.) Crew also looks good in their suits.

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Last, but not least, my favorite sassy, county-singing ladies:

  • Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood. 

On the red carpet. Both have gorgeous dresses. (I’d take Carrie’s if it weren’t yellow.)


Performance. Loved Miranda’s leather jacket and Carrie’s jewelry. 

I just love giving you side views.

I couldn’t find any cute Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton pictures(Actually, I couldn’t find any at all.), and this made me very sad. 

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 I also watched Katy Perry perfom Birthday. 

I should go eat and finish my Math homework because both are necessary for life.  Also, it’s my last week of school. 4 days left of my Freshman year.  It went by pretty fast, I can’t believe it. 




SC Talks About: Fanfiction [Again] Again.

I made a post last year talking about the post where I talked about my first experiences with Fanfiction.

I had no freaking idea what I was talking about, and still don’t right now.

This is probably going to be a yearly occurrence. Gosh dang it, Kat.

Most of this is purely my opinion, and shouldn’t be used to prove anything.

Let’s try this again. 3rd time’s the charm.

Words you should know:

OC Original Character/ A character made by you.

Canon anything in the real universe or stated by the creator(s)

Mary Sue– an overly perfect character. No flaws, enemies, or character development whatsoever.

Ship Short for relationship/ any two (or sometimes 3+) characters in a relationship. [Video]

Fandom [Video explanation] [Second Video Explanation] 

Fanfiction Stories using events that may or may not be in the actual series/Created by someone that isn’t a creator.

Fanart Pretty much fanfiction you draw, but can also just be a sketch or drawing of a character.

Alternate Universe/AU– Anything that isn’t the canon world. Example:  The characters from The Hunger Games are in High School instead of the arena.

First up: Original Characters. When an OC is made specifically to be paired with a Canon Character or they are the center of the story, and you don’t even hear about everyone else: I will not read it. Huge no. 

Otherwise, OCs show your creativity. You just made a character that you can make into someone wonderful through flaws and character development. Heck yes.

Or, if you choose not to, they’ll become a Mary Sue. Don’t let that happen.

Next up: Shipping.


Oh, ‘Shipping’…

If you’ve been anywhere near Tumblr, you probably know what this is. 

These don’t require boxes, or the actual postal service: Just a couple of fictional characters in a relationship.

This pairing isn’t in the series? That’s okay, you can always write fanfiction or draw fanart. Why not make a page for your ship on DeviantART or even their own Tumblr while you’re at it?

Got the hang of shipping? Awesome! Let’s discuss:

  • Some people are hardcore shippers, and would go down with them like they were the Titanic.
  • Don’t talk crap about people’s ships. They’ll probably hunt you down, and eventually kill you.
  • If you can think of a pairing, there’s most likely going to be dirty writings that rival 50 Shades of Grey, and fanart that could almost be classified as porn related to it.
  • It’s really freaking creepy to ship real people. They are their own individual person, and you need to leave their personal lives alone.

What are my ships?

I ship pretty much anything.

I will avoid certain pairings like the plague if I’m absolutely sick of hearing about them, though. You can only get enough before you want to vomit whenever anything even closely related to the pairing is mentioned.

When a story completely ignores a timeline. Especially when the creator was nice enough to provide you with one. 

I know theories are super fun, but following the timeline makes everything less confusing. Less annoying, too.

There’s a certain theory from the Portal fandom that makes me wanna stab someone in the face with a pencil every time I see it. Sadly, this is pretty often. Try to provide me with ‘evidence’, and I’ll provide you with a punch in the face. I’m joking. I’m too weak for that.

Also, same goes with shipping here. Talk crap about other peoples’ theories, and they will find and kill you.

…Don’t talk crap about anything. There are some vicious people on the Internet.

When a story has no plot.

Someone here is guilty of this.

Slow clap for you, Kat. 

I’ve abandoned several stories because I had no idea what to do next.

I didn’t plan at all, and it definitely showed. Plots are obviously important. Without one you just have a bunch of filler, something that you’re about to see be discussed below. I’m definitely not writing fanfiction for a while.

Fluff, in this case it means ‘Filler’.

Another thing I’m guilty of. I’ve written stories with more fluff than my stuffed panda. It was a gift from my friend and I freaking love it.

I love fluffy oneshots, but it’s not a bunch of cute moments here:

It’s filler.

The House of Night (Come on, it’s not like you actually liked it.) series is pretty much this, and it shows in the last book.

This, combined with the above, was pretty much my writing style when I first started out.

When a story is almost identical to another. Yes, we all have some of the same theories.

No, we don’t need dozens of stories about said theories that are pretty much the same thing with different dialogue.

Heck, it doesn’t even have to be a theory. Have an idea for a story that someone has already written? That’s okay, make it yours by changing a few little things around.

…Some even have the same title.

I don’t care if you want to write a story based on someone else’s idea(s), but I’m begging you, please, make it original.

Misinterpretation of a character.  Nope nopenopenope.

If you’re writing about a character, please research. Actually, please research any subject you don’t know very well.

Think about it for a second: Would this character ever initiate a fist fight?

If you can give a confident answer, maybe while providing evidence in the process, proceed to your writing. If you can’t, go back and look up a few things.

Not everything about this character will be flat out told to you, and headcanons are perfectly acceptable.

A few of my favorite things about fanfiction:

  • Parodies. Even if it’s my least favorite series or my absolute favorite, I love being able to laugh at it.
  • Comedies. We can’t always have angst.
  • Alternate Universes. I even enjoy the classic High School cliches. Another favorite AU is ‘Only a Dream/Delusion’. (I already know I’m a little freak.) It puts the series in a whole new perspective. Character wakes up in a different place- Nothing they did actually happened.
  • I love crackships. Pick a ship you know would never work out, and start writing fanfiction or making fanart.

I have a love/hate relationship with fanfiction. It gives fans the power to do whatever they want with a character or series, which can be good or bad depending on how you look at it.

Can We Take a Moment to Appreciate One of Katy Perry’s Grammy Dresses?

The Grammys were ages ago. Didn’t even watch them, and found this in the Katy Perry tag on Tumblr. Look at me, so aware of current events.

I think she wore four, but this one is definitely my favorite. I love the pattern, and would probably wear the same thing if rich and famous.

It was originally on the runway:

If you asked me who designed this; I couldn’t tell you.

Then everyone was like “Katy Perry should wear this!”.

She did.:

It looks like there are lyrics in the pattern as well. That’s exciting.

I’m terrible with keeping up to date with fashion trends, and think most outfits found on the runway are ridiculous, but I have sheet music in my possession almost all the time. Now I can freaking wear it in the form of a pretty dress. I could’ve done it before, but Katy Perry opened up the possibilities.